Fee and Payments

Conference fee

FULL price
Registration  (November 30, 2018 Рwith abstract) 3 500 CZK
Registration (December 9, 2018 – without abstract) 3 500 CZK
Payment at the door (January 24, 2019) 4 000 CZK
REDUCED price (for Ph.D. students)
Registration (November 30, 2018 – with abstract) 2 500 CZK
Registration  (December 9, 2018 Рwithout abstract) 2 500 CZK
Payment at the door (January 24, 2019) 3 000 CZK

The conference fee covers:

  • Publication of proceedings,
  • Refreshment during the conference (including a social evening),
  • Organization expenses.

The conference fee does not include the accommodation fee, which has to be paid separately.

Paid registration fee is not refundable in absence of the author (participation of alternate will be accepted).

Payment of a registration fee does not guarantee you publishing of your paper. It has to pass a standard double-blind review process successfully in order to be included in the conference proceedings.